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Texas Office Coffee Service provides a wide range of premium brands to choose from! Great pricing and quick delivery make Texas Office Coffee the best choice for your office coffee.

Single Cup Office Coffee

Great tasting coffee one cup at a time! Single cup commercial brewers are versatile. Single-cup brewing systems are designed to give your customers and employees the ultimate coffee experience. Simple to use and convenient – there is minimal mess or clean-up! Just the perfect hot beverage - coffee, tea, hot chocolate - ready when you are.

Single-Cup brewers are ideal for the workplace and food service locations including:

  • Conference and boardrooms
  • Break rooms
  • Staff kitchens
  • Reception areas
  • Small restaurants and deli's
  • Fitness clubs
  • Salons and more


No matter how many employees you have, Keurig is how to brew what they'll love. Keurig single cup brewing means the coffee is always fresh with no mess or clean up. With over 200 varieties of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverages to choose from, everyone on your team will find the perfect cup to match their taste.

And, our commercial brewers are designed with workplace usage in mind. Find the one today that works perfectly with your team.

Keurig B150

Office Pro


Keurig B150 Keurig Office Pro Keurig 3000SE


Flavia single packs offer 2 packet drinks so that you can create personal creative drinks. You can have fresh coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and some packet toppings from the MARS brand.

Creation 400

Creation 200

Flavia Creation 400 Flavia Creation 200


An attractive and easy to use machine that delivers premium Starbucks® coffee whenever you want it. Simply press the button and the Starbucks Interactive Cup® Brewer grinds roasted coffee beans and produces a perfect cup of coffee brewed to Starbucks standards. The Icup also offers a creamy Starbucks cocoa option.

I-Cup Mini

Starbucks I-cup

Starbucks I-Cup Mini Starbucks I-Cup


The Next Generation in Office Coffee
The Colibri is a fully automatic table top coffee machine in a space of less than 16" x 20". Now even the smallest office locations can enjoy the experience of real, fresh bean to cup coffee and other hot drinks. From a wonderfully whipped cup of hot chocolate to a decadently smooth frothy cappuccino, the Colibri will satisfy your thirst for drinks of the highest quality.

Colibri • Built in bean grinder for fresh coffee or espresso every time
• Automatic Wash Cycle
• Stainless Steel coffee filters
• Compact Size
• Live Display Bean Hopper
• Choice Selection:

• Black Coffee*
• Espresso*
• Cappuccino*
• Cafe Mocha*
• French Vanilla
• Café Vanilla
• Hot Chocolate with Milk

*Can be served as decaffeinated or regular.

Traditional Office Coffee

Great tasting coffee by the pot. Traditional commercial brewers allow you to brew pots of coffee at a competitive price. Simple to use and convenient – there is minimal mess or clean-up! You can brew anything from Starbucks to Folgers. You can brew some great coffee for your employees or customers.